Christmas in South Africa :-)

Today we had a golden opportunity to welcome a native speakers to our school. She came to present a theme day topic Christmas all over the world. At this Christmas time we want to learn more about traditions in other countries all over the world.

Tosca came from the furthest point  –  the South Africa. So what do you know about Xmas in Africa? Here are some facts about Christmas in the South Africa for you:

  • South Africa celebrates Christmas in the summer.
  • Most families travel to the coast for Christmas and spend time on the beach.
  • It is a Christmas tradition for most South Africans to have a BBQ (Braai) for Christmas dinner.
  • We also have potato salad for Christmas dinner.



My name is Tosca Joubert and I am from Pretoria South Africa.

My family does not celebrate Christmas the same way most people do (we don´t have a Christmas Tree, and we don´t give Christmas presents, only spending money so you can buy your own present.) My family usually eats a big watermelon for dessert.

I love Christmas, and hope there will be snow for Christmas this year!!!

I am so happy that I could talk about Christmas at your school and learn more about Czech Christmas traditions.

Tosca the teacher