E-twinning partnership with GREECE 3/3/2018

Autorka projektu:


I am a teacher  in 1o High School of Mandra (West Attica in Greece). I am the coordinator of the comenius project in my school (2013-2015) with the title Let΄s create a multicultural Europe. I am PhD in ancient Greek in Papyrology. Μy school has experience on European collaborating programmes.

Předměty: historie kultury, jazyk a literatura, klasické jazyky (latina & řečtina), mezipředmětové vztahy, občanská výchova

Jazyk:  English

Věková skupina: od 11 po 13 let

Předměty: dějepis, historie kultury, jazyk a literatura, klasické jazyky (latina & řečtina), mezipředmětové vztahy


Dear Silvie

I have just read your message. I would like to inform you that I have a partner form Romania but it is not so active so I am thinking that it would be nice to add and a new partner. My students are working but they do not have at the moment any to collaborate. So I would like to collaborate but you should know that the project has to do with tangable and intagable cultural heritage (monuments and language and folkrore tradition). I believe that history is included. If you are interested please let me know. I must also write that it is my first etwinnig allthouh I was coordinator of a comenius project of my school so If we collaborate your knowledge will be useful for me.

All the best Eleftheria Kera.

Culture heritage and folklore tradition

Hereby I am sending our folklore song and musical instrument. Can you send us some pics about your folklore tradition and heritage too? What are your region folklore customes?

GREEK MUSIC AND SONGS to learn and practise with your students.