ETwinning project 2017


Our natural environment is and has always been in our hands. The way we, humans, treat our natural environment, has dramatically changed it and, consequently, it has affected our living conditions. Our project will help students to realize the importance of trees in our lives and become aware of the relationship between our mental and physical health with the tree’s importance that surrounds us. With the Project the students will learn more about the kind of the tress which live around them. The project will provid communication and collaboration with children of their age (7- 14 years) coming from a different countries. Throughout the project, students will develop their environmental awareness and will feel themselves responsible to nature and they will have a “greener look”. Teachers will try to integrate ICT tools so that students will develop their digital competences.

V březnu až listopadu 2017 probíhal projekt o životním prostředí, kterého se v rámci eTwinningu zúčastnila i naše škola. Pomáhal studentům přinést více informací o důležitosti stromů a živé zelené přírody v našem okolí. Děti získaly tzv. zelený pohled na okolí a pocítily zodpovědnost za to, jak se k přírodě chovají lidé.

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MY FAVOURITE GAME Simple game exchange between countries.
Games should be active games which students play in a gym, playground, pitch.
This project will last one school term.
Students in small groups choose their favourite game and explain how to play in a poster (rules, number of players, place and boundaries, material needed, time, personal information about them).