Primary school and lower secondary school in Staré Město

Primary school and lower secondary school in Staré Město, in the region of Uherské Hradiště, is the biggest school of this type in the region (pupils at the age 6-15). It is situated in the centre of former Great Moravian Empire.

The school consists of a primary school, a lower secondary school, a youth centre and a school club. 727 pupils are attending this school in 2015/2016.

351 of these pupils are attending the primary school in 2015/2016. Pupils are educated according to a school curriculum called „School for life.“ One class in each year-class is specialized on Maths and Information technology.

There are 48 teachers, 5 tutoresses, 5 teaching assistants and 12 administrative employees employed in this school. There are 12 cooks in two school canteens. These canteens are serveries for two local kindergardens as well.

265 pupils commute to our school from surrounding villages. 64 of them (mostly from Kostelany nad Moravou) attend the primary school. There are also pupils from villages Jalubí, Nedakonice, Zlechov, and other at the lower secondary school.

We use 3 buildings – two ancients buildings at Hrdinů Square attend pupils from the primary school. The third building is attended pupils from the lower secondary school and it is located close to the neighbourhood at Komenského Street. All the buildings have been reconstructed recently.

There are the first, the second classes and a department of the youth centre in the building at Hrdinů Square n. 715. There are classes and an after-school club for pupils in grades 2-5 in the building n. 1000. There is a language schoolroom and a computer lab with internet access. There is also a gym and a school dining-room. Both buildings consist of fully equipped playgrounds. There are ladders and a sand pits for the youngest, too.

Pupils learn English at the primary school. Pupils start learning English  when they are in their first class. Pupils attend various after school activities, such as drama, sports, Dolinečka – traditional ensemble, writing and painting on PC, logopaedics, etc.

Education at the lower secondary school is organised in 15 classrooms. Our pupils can use 4 language schoolrooms, 2 computer labs, specialised classroom for Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Working activities, Kitchen, Ceramic workshop, Art, and Music. There is a school garden and a greenhouse by the school.  Pupils are allowed to spend some breaks in the atrium when the weather is fine.

Based on the decision of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, students in grades 7 and 8 started learning two foreign languages. Either German or Russian language has been added to English language. This caused a big limitation of optional subjects. Current pupils of the ninth grades were offered a wide range of optional subjects for the last time in June. They could choose from 27 different subjects and these subjects were chosen: Computer Graphics, IT (website creation), Volleyball, Floorball, Art, Chemical experiments and games, English conversation, Programming, Czech language exercise or Maths exercise. There are going to be 3 lessons of the optional subjects next school year.

We introduced teaching of Financial literacy for students in the 8th grade.This subject was also included in an educational program. Pupils can attend a wide range of after-school activities – Dolinečka, floorball, softball, volleyball, folk club, ceramic club, tourist club etc. We also publish an informative booklet for parents every year.

Thanks to activity of teachers, various regional competitions in Maths, Biology, Information technology even Technical drawing are held in our school. We also help to organize competition in Geography.

We believe that our school in Staré Město, in the region of Uherské Hradiště, belongs to educational institution with high-quality.